If you don't find God in the next person you meet, it is a waste of time looking for him further - Mahatma Gandhi

Musings on Gandhi Jayanti

What was the thought process behind the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi ? What is the thought process behind all kinds of violence ? Not religion, not ideology, not even political organization, but the actual thought process. Some thoughts.

The thought process that killed Bapu is gaining momentum. Beware, my fellow countrymen, beware.

This thought process starts with the ego — I am right in whatever I think, say or do.

It is followed by the corollary — If you differ with me in any way, be it in your beliefs, speech or actions, you are obviously wrong.

This gives rise to self righteousness — it is my duty to convert you, or failing that punish you.

This is then coupled with hate and intolerance — I have every right to abuse, harm or even kill you.

This is the thought process that has led to all kinds of violence, whether it was persecution of Christians by the Romans, or persecution of Jews by the Nazis, or terrorism in name of jihad, or killing of the apostle of peace.

This same thought process is gaining momentum again in the guise of patriotism and religious fervour. Will we sit on the sidelines and watch this monster grow till it devours us ? Or will we do something to counter it ?

Think, my fellow human beings, think.


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