Bal Kavita

Bal-Kavita: Hindi Poems for Children #1

This series features poems written for children by famous Hindi poets. In this post – “Aakash” by Balkavi Bairagi.

Writing poems for children is no mean task. Not only must the ideas be kept simple, but they must also be conveyed using equally simple words, rhymes and meters. These four elements have to be chosen keeping in mind age group of the children at whom the poem is aimed. Eight year olds will probably not like something written with five year olds in mind. This makes writing children’s poetry very difficult, especially for poets who are more used to addressing adult audiences.

This series features Hindi poems for children, written by poets who are well known for their poems aimed at mature audiences.

Aakash by Balkavi Bairagi


ईश्वर ने आकाश बनाया
उसमें सूरज को बैठाया
अगर नहीं आकाश बनाता
चाँद-सितारे कहाँ सजाता ?
कैसे हम किरणों से जुड़ते ?
ऐरोप्लेन कहाँ पर उड़ते ?

About the Poet:

Balkavi BairagiBorn in Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh in 1931, Balkavi Bairagi is a Hindi poet, journalist, educationist and parliamentarian. He has also written lyrics for songs in many Hindi movies. He is known mostly for poems that inspire passion and vigor. His poems have been published in many collections.

His real name is Nandramdas Dwarkadas.

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