Bikhrey Moti

Bikhrey Moti – Hindi Idioms & Proverbs #5

Idioms & proverbs are an integral part of any language. This series features some pearls of wisdom from Hindi and its dialects. In this post – मूरख नै पिसो दे देणो, अकल नी देणी

Idioms & proverbs are pearls of wisdom that offer advice or insights into life while imparting to the language a more vivid colour. These pearls are rooted deep in the culture of the language and its people.


मूरख नै पिसो दे देणो, अकल नी देणी ।
Give money to a fool, not advice.


Never advise a fool, there is no saying how he will treat your advice. Chances are he will act on it without understanding and as a result create trouble for himself and others. He will then publicly blame you for the advice and get you into trouble too.

Hence this saying says that it is better to give a fool some money rather than giving him advice.

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